3 Phase On Line UPS
10+ series (10KVA~100KVA)

Rated Capacity

Vertical type: 10KVA~100KVA

Scope Of Application

  • Computer Center
  • Computer room
  • Security monitoring host
  • Control Center
  • High stable power supply to protect equipment/environment
  • Model UPS FT-314 UPS FT-324 UPS FT-334 UPS FT-334 UPS FT-364 UPS FT-384 UPS FT-384
    Rated capacity 10K 20K 30K 40KVA 60K 80K 100K
    The efficiency of the whole machine 94%‧On-line online double conversion
    Enter Voltage 220V or 380V (three-phase three-wire); 190/110V or 208/120V or 380/220V (three-phase four-wire), and can be specially designed according to requirements
    Voltage range 190V~520V @ <50% load; 305V~478V @ 100% load
    Frequency and range 50Hz or 60Hz (automatic detection); ±4Hz
    Work factor improvement ≧0.99 @ 100% load, to avoid interference with the operation of other instruments
    Output Rated voltage and frequency 220V or 380V (three-phase three-wire); 190/110V or 208/120V or 380/220V (three-phase four-wire), and can be specially designed according to requirements; 50Hz or 60Hz
    Stability rated voltage ± 1%; rated frequency ± 0.1Hz
    Waveform/Crest Ratio Pure sine wave/3:1
    Power factor 0.8 (optional 0.9 model)
    Harmonic distortion ≦ 2% @ under linear load; ≦ 5% @ under non-linear load
    Conversion time Zero conversion
    Battery Type Lead-acid, water-free and maintenance-free closed type
    Discharge method Configure the battery pack according to customer needs to meet the discharge time
    Charging method The two-stage charging is controlled by a smart microcomputer, which prolongs the service life of the battery and can recharge more than 90% of the power in eight hours
    Panel test The battery self-test can be performed directly through the LCD panel
    Protection circuit With battery short-circuit, overcharge and discharge, and battery overheating protection
    Operation tips LED lights With bypass power supply, UPS operation, battery power supply and UPS fault lights
    LCD panel With UPS status and operation instructions, including input/output: voltage/current/frequency/actual power/apparent power
    load: capacity/percentage, battery: voltage/current/capacity and UPS fault display records (up to 500 records)
    Alarm sounds Battery discharge: beep every two seconds; battery low: beep every half second; output overload: beep every second; UPS abnormal: long beep
    Display panel The 4.7-inch touch-sensitive color display panel makes it easier and faster to operate the UPS
    Communication interface Standard configuration USB /smart card slot
    Optional The smart card slot can be installed: RS-232/USB/SNMP/AS-400/ModBus, etc.
    Machine function Modularization The whole machine adopts modular design, which has achieved the purpose of quick maintenance and convenient replacement
    Cold boot It can be powered on by internal battery power when there is no mains power
    Hot redundant aid parallel connection Hot redundant parallel connection function, which can be used for expansion in the future. In addition, when two (above) machines are connected in parallel, they will automatically share current and output to the load; as long as any UPS fails, the normal host will automatically connect and supply all loads, without the problem of back-end load interruption. Up to four units can be connected in parallel (optional)
    EPO latch Equipped with EPO emergency cut-off pin, you can install a switch by yourself. When the machine is abnormal, the output can be quickly interrupted
    Overload capacity 101%~110% supply for one hour; 111%~125% supply for ten minutes; 126%~150% supply for one minute; more than 151% immediately switch to Bypass. After the overload condition disappears, the system will automatically switch back to the inverter power supply mode.
    Alarm sounds Battery power supply, low battery voltage, overload and UPS failure
    Smart fan The intelligent control fan automatically adjusts the fan speed according to the load and ambient temperature to save power and reduce noise.
    Isolation module Optional isolation module can be installed to improve the problem of poor mains grounding
    ECO mode Provide ECO power saving mode, increase the efficiency to 98%, and achieve the purpose of energy saving and power saving
    Other functions With non-interrupted manual maintenance bypass function. UPS can be repaired without interrupting the back-end load
    Web/SNMP management interface Add SNMP network management card to remotely manage UPS
    Monitoring software Support Win 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10, Win Server 2000/2008/2012/2016, Linux, Unix and Mac systems
    Safety certification With the Commodity Verification Registration Certificate (BSMI) of the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, CNS14843-1 (93 version) and CNS14757-2 (99 version)
    Noise (distance one meter) ≦55dBA ≦58dBA ≦65dBA ≦70dBA
    Using environment Temperature/Humidity 0℃~40℃; 0%~95% (non-condensing)
    Size• length x width x height (mm) 660  x250 x826 815 x300 x1010 790 x360 x1010
    Weight (kg) 124(Battery included) 139(Battery included) 225 (with battery) 250 (with battery) 108 113 118

    *If there is any change to this product, a specification confirmation letter will be attached.