Pneumatic Dry/Wet Chip Suction Machine

The JT-CS series chip suction machine is designed for solving the problem of chips depositing in the coolant tank. The unit is suitable for fast suction and filtration for chips and sludge depositing at the bottom of the coolant tank. Its patented design of power source can effectively eliminate the problems of blockage and parts wear.

Applicable Liquids
  • Water and oil based cutting fluid.

Applicable Machines
  • CNC lathes 、CNC milling machine 、 Machine tool
  • Vertical/horizontal machining centers
  • Double column machining centers


For sucking sediments such as sludge, fine chips, and aluminum powder deposited at the bottom of the coolant tank.
Cast iron is excluded.

Outstanding Features
  • Designed with air drive without need for electric drive, saving electricity and increasing safety.
  • Exclusively designed power source (patented) makes cutting fluid unnec essary to flow through the power source, which eliminates the problems of blockage and parts wear.
  • Extra powerful suction force, large capacity and high chip suction efficiency.
  • SUS304 stainless steel filter tank does not need additional consumables.
  • Equipped with castors at the bottom for convenient movement.
  • One chip suction machine can be used for several units of machines.
  • Extend the service life of cutting fluid and reduce cutting fluid costs.
  • Reduce the bacteria growth rate and prevent cutting fluid from deterioration or odor.
Model JT-CS-100
Filtrating tank capacity 14 liters (L)
Processing flow 155 L/min-6 kg/cm2 85 L/min-3.5 kg/cm2
Actual chip processing capacity 113L
Filtration accuracy 270µm(50(mesh))
Suction hose size Ø1 1/2' '
Drain hose size Ø1' '
Working air pressure Over 3.5kg/cm2
Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 690✕480✕480mm
Net weight 70kg

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