Oil Mist Collectors Air Cleaner

Product Features

  • Low power, high performance
  • Low noise, environmental protection and energy saving
  • Unique design, easy maintenance
  • Motor temperature protection
  • Small size and easy installation
  • Economical and practical
  • Modular design, easier to repair and maintain
  • Fully intelligent design, automatic detection of abnormal warning and overload protection "optional"
  • Oil mist deflector, which effectively intercepts oil mist and prolongs the service life of the filter barrel "optional"

Specifications Of Oil Mist Collectors air Cleaner
Model Unit JT-AI-100-300W JT-AI-100-600B JT-AI-100-600W
Horsepower HP/KW 1HP/0.75KW
Voltage V 220V 380V
Frequency/Current HZ/A 50HZ 3A 1.7A
60HZ 2.9A 1.6A
Maximum Air Volume M³/min 35 The air volume is not measured by the filter bucket
Speed RPM 2820/3395
Noise dB(A) 70
Inhalation Caliber mm 150mm
Capture Efficiency % 99.9%
Maximum Suction Temperature 60°C
Filter Bucket Height, Color mm 300mm White 600mm Black 600mm White
Appearance Size (L*W*H) mm 768*460*487 (Without filter bucket height)
Weight (Excluding Filter Bucket) kg 60

We reserve the right to modify design without prior notice.
Oil Mist Collectors Air Cleaner Process

The First Metal Filter
When the oil mist passes through the front metal filter screen, the oil mist is intercepted by the metal filter screen. 82% of the oil mist is intercepted, collected and recovered, and returned to the machine through the oil mist collectors air cleaner.

The Second Louver Oil Mist Windshield
Directly changing the direction of the wind flow can successfully intercept the oil mist, make the oil mist appear as oil droplets in the second pass, and collect and recycle the oil mist.

The Third Oil Mist Collection Filter (Reusable)
When the oil mist passes through the collection filter, the oil mist will diverge and diffuse. It will slap on the filter and form oil droplets. It will trickle down through the filter to the recovery tank and be recovered through the designed collection pipe. 2 pieces The filter recovery design allows the oil mist to be collected and recovered to achieve a double multiplier effect

Fourth Channel Special Design Through-Pu Impeller
With super suction and centrifugal force to produce a high-speed cyclone effect, the oil mist is attached to the inner wall during the rotation of the impeller, and the oil mist is intercepted and collected by the blade baffle.

The Fifth High-Efficiency Filter Bucket
When the oil mist has gone through the previous several oil mist collection processes, there will still be oil smoke that is not completely eliminated. At this time, it will pass through the filter material in the high-efficiency filter bucket (polyester fiber cotton/glass fiber cotton/HEPA, etc.), according to the oil mist , Smoke and dust, etc. Select suitable materials and make filter buckets to achieve recovery and purification efficiency of up to 99.9%, reaching PM2.5 standard value

Oil Mist Collectors Air Cleaner Process
Oil Mist Collectors Air Cleaner Function
Smart Screen Display Function
  1. 7-inch touch-sensitive color LED display screen
  2. Has the use of Chinese and English language interchange
  3. With processing time count
  4. The service life status of the filter tank is displayed by LED lights (green, yellow, red) and the screen is displayed, real-time understanding of the status of the filter tank
  5. With fault record/maintenance notice
  6. With display of motor operating temperature and time
  7. With parameter updates
  8. Program online update (online version) (optional)

  1. WiFi communication module
  2. Open Modbus communication (Ethemet or WiFi) provides third-party integration