Oil Mist Collectors Air Cleaner

In the modern precision metal processing process, the mist and smoke generated by the rotation of the tool and the metal workpiece, as well as the more complex aerosol particles and solid particles, mostly contain polychlorinated biphenyls, which implicitly and seriously damages the work The physical and mental health of the personnel, and the oil mist pollution in the workshop is disgusting and irritating, which seriously affects the production efficiency; secondly, allowing the oil mist to spread in the workshop for a long time will also cause damage to the components in the CNC system and cause losses.

Today, when more and more attention is paid to environmental protection, choosing an environment that can eliminate oil and water fumes and also has fresh air, and then recycle expensive cutting oil to the equipment for reuse, resulting in a comprehensive effect of multiple factors.

The significance of investing in this expenditure equipment cost is actually a deeper reduction and reduction of production costs, and more humanistic care of "people-oriented".

Product Features

  • Low power, high efficiency
  • Low noise, environmental protection and energy saving
  • Unique design, easy maintenance
  • Motor temperature protection
  • Small size and easy installation
  • Economical and practical
  • Modular design, easier to repair and maintain
  • Fully intelligent design, automatic detection of abnormal warning and overload protection "optional"
  • Oil mist deflector, which effectively intercepts oil mist and prolongs the service life of the filter barrel "optional"

New Development-Smart Panel Function (Optional)

  1. Power on/off control function
  2. Motor temperature overload protection/temperature display function
  3. Current sensing overload protection/monitoring sensing control terminal
  4. Maintenance, cleaning and maintenance warning control function
  5. The machine tool is connected to the induction control terminal
  6. Oil mist collectors air cleaner use record function
  7. System update/data reading function
  8. LED display function

Basic Characteristics Of Oil Mist Collectors Air Cleaner

1. Basic electrical characteristics of oil mist recovery air purifier

  • With high and low voltage, protection function
  • With surge protection EMI
  • With DI/DO action protection
  • With power on/off control function
  • With machine tool connection start/close control function
  • With motor temperature overload protection control function and phase loss protection
  • Easy installation, direct installation of dry contacts (CNC machine tool, mutual control)

2. Features of patented oil mist deflector (optional)

An oil mist diversion design specially developed to extend the life of the filter barrel.

After intercepting 80-85% of the oil mist in the front section of the oil mist collectors air cleaner, the remaining 15-20% of the oil mist will directly collide with the filter barrel, so that the filtering effect of the filter bucket will reach full load quickly, and the service life will be relatively shortened. Therefore, our company developed this deflector without affecting the air volume and turning its wind direction downwards, which not only improves the problem of oil mist directly hitting the top of the filter bucket and causes the filter bucket to block, but also increases the service life of the filter bucket. In the continuous actual measurement, it is proved that the oil mist deflector developed by Juntai can intercept the oil mist and prolong the service life of the filter barrel, and furthermore, it has become one of the main functions of the oil mist deflector for customers to make careful calculations and pay close attention to their pockets. One.