N+X Modular Stacked UPS System
UP series




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  • Model UPS FT-UP30U UPS FT-UP42U
    Cabinet height 30U 42U
    Single power module output capacity (W) 20K or 30K
    The efficiency of the whole machine 94.5%; On-Line online double conversion design
    Enter Voltage 415/240V or 400/230V or 380/220V (three-phase four-wire), also can be specially designed according to requirements
    Voltage range 208V~478V @ <70% load; 305V~478V @ 100% load
    Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz (automatic detection)
    Frequency range 40Hz~70Hz
    Work factor improvement ≧0.99
    Harmonic Distortion (THDi) ≦3%
    output Rated voltage 415/240V or 400/230V or 380/220V (three-phase four-wire), also can be specially designed according to requirements
    Rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
    Stability rated voltage ± 1%; rated frequency ± 0.1Hz
    Waveform Pure sine wave
    Crest ratio 3: 1
    Power factor 1
    Harmonic distortion (THDv) ≦2% @linear load; ≦4% @non-linear load
    Conversion time Zero conversion
    Type Lead-acid water-free and maintenance-free closed type
    Battery pack A single battery bar can hold 10 7AH/9AH batteries, and the working voltage is 240+240VDC
    Discharge time Configure the battery pack according to customer needs to meet the discharge time
    Charging method Microcomputer controlled intelligent charging to extend battery life
    Replacement method The hot-swappable modular design can be used for mutual assistance. When replacing, it will not affect the normal operation of the UPS (only models with built-in battery)
    Protect With battery overcharge and discharge, battery overheating and battery short circuit protection
    Operation tips
    LED lights With mains normal, bypass power supply, UPS operation, battery supply and UPS failure lights
    LCD panel With UPS status and operation instructions, including input/output: voltage/current/frequency/actual power/apparent power/power factor , Load: capacity/percentage, battery: voltage/current/capacity and UPS fault display records (up to 500 records)
    Alarm sounds Battery discharge: one beep every two seconds; battery low: one beep every half second; output overload: one beep every second ; UPS abnormal: long beep
    Display panel 5.7-inch LCD display panel for easier and quicker operation of UPS, and 10.4-inch touch-type color display panel is optional
    Panel monitoring The LCD panel can record abnormal voltage/frequency and load warning range according to user settings.
    Communication interface
    Standard configuration RS-232/ USB / smart card slot
    Optional Expansion card slot: provide smart card slot/RS-232/dry contact/external temperature detection
    Machine function
    Modularization The whole machine adopts modular design to achieve rapid detection and convenient replacement
    shared battery pack The shared design of the battery pack can ensure the average battery charge
    Password maintenance management To avoid operation by non-maintenance and management personnel, the LCD panel can set a password by itself. When the system is modified or the UPS is turned on, the correct password must be logged in to operate
    N+X hot redundancy Hot redundant parallel connection function, with future expansion capability, when the system is operating normally, each single power module will automatically share the current output For the back-end load; when any power module fails, the rest of the normal modules will automatically connect to supply all loads, and the power protection capability of the equipment will be increased to the highest point
    Across cabinets in parallel Supports the parallel connection of cabinets of the same type, which can be designed to increase capacity or redundant use according to the client’s design
    Overload capacity 101%~110% supply for one hour; 111%~125% supply for ten minutes; 126%~150% supply for one minute; > 151% provide 200ms and then switch to bypass. After the overload condition disappears, the system will automatically switch back to the inverter power supply mode.
    Warning display With buzzer sound and panel display dual prompt
    Protection circuit With output short-circuit, UPS leakage, input lightning surge protection, over-temperature protection and overload protection
    ECO mode Provide ECO power saving mode, increase performance to 98%, and achieve the purpose of energy saving and power saving
    Automatically turn on When the utility power fails and the UPS is discharged to automatically shut down, the system will automatically charge to the set battery voltage value when the power is restored, and the UPS will automatically Turn on (set the voltage value on the panel)
    Other functions With non-disruptive manual maintenance bypass function. No need to interrupt the backend load
    Web/SNMP management interface The SNMP network management card can be installed to remotely manage the UPS
    Temperature detector Optional temperature detector, with expansion card slot for ambient temperature detection
    Monitoring software Support Win 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10, Win Server 2003/2008/2012/2016, Linux, Unix and Mac systems
    Safety certification With the Commodity Verification Registration Certificate (BSMI) of the Bureau of Standards, Metrology, Inspection and Quarantine of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Fire Safety Equipment Audit and Approval Certificate of the Ministry of the Interior, CNS14843-1( 1993 edition) and CNS14757-2 (99 edition)
    Noise (within one meter) ≦70dBA
    Use environment: temperature/humidity 0℃~40℃; 0%~95% (non-condensing)
    Dimensions, length x width x height (mm) 1100 x 600 x 1475 (30U) 1100 x 600 x 2010 (42U)

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